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Thursday, June 28, 2007

The past, present and future...

Another month has passed since my last post - this is starting be a tedious behavior from my part. I don't know if it is me or the world thats doing it but I just cant find the time to scribble to here. I know its the summer and the weather is nice outdoors, but most of the time I spend in the office or hacking/modding Fedora 7 at home. Anyway I don't have the urge nor the energy to go outdoors and do something. Sure I attend few grills here and there but most of the time I just feel totally drained of energy.

Maybe it is the result of past events or an aftermath of medication. Maybe its both - but one is certain - if I don't get enough rest anytime soon (that is in next few months) I will blow up... This reminds me to start making big red crosses in the calendar as my vacation is ONLY 33 days away :|

Anyways a lot has happened and it look like tomorrow will be even more interesting...

If I get some rest maybe Ill write about few of them... Ill hope it doe not take another month till the next post...

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