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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The end of IT...

As of today I don't own any intellectual property that I have created for the past 4 years. #?!#?!?##?!#?!!!

I hate lawyers - not because they follow the law, but because they can fuck things up by writing generic, omnipotent and useless sentences that can mean billions of different things.

The best thing is - if you miss 1 word in the sentence - can mean that someone else can own everything you do, have done and will be doing in the future. If not specifically written that it only includes work done in the office/office hours it can mean that everything you do after hours/at home will not be yours. This means that you don't own anything that you create, so you don't have any right to license it under any license (this includes GPL). So whats the use of developing anything?!?!? Oh yeah - they own your first born also!

As I'm a Linux specialist, my world goes round and round around open source applications. Not having IP right to anything I create means:
I don't have right create/write/publish OSS software as I don't own it
I don't have right to publish patches to OSS software as the patch is my IP and it does not belong to me
I don't have right to publish ideas to create software and the ideas are IP and therefore not min

So what is left? Nothing actually - I can only report problems with software not the solutions to fix them. Living like a begger - at the expense of other people who must do all the work. Depressing!!! Like using windows - there you just don't have tools to make things better - you just have to live with them.

If software patents will be allowed here in Europe the end result will be like this! The same goes for the software developers as they wont be owning anything there fore the OSS will slowly fade away and we are back in the days of hackers. Sure the technology is bit more advanced but the principle is the same - for good or evil no one is secure!

The other downside of not having any IP rights is motivation - or the lack of it. If you know you cant do anything useful why bother doing anything?

I guess I have to find a hobby now...

Oh well.. Have to look a new job or hope that they restore my free time IP rights... Gee... That could take long... Lets see witch come first...

In the meanwhile - living in Elbonia is not that bad..

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